These tests are to test the functionality of the Transmission package. Please try to run all of the following tests.

Report any bugs you find using the following command in a terminal:

ubuntu-bug transmission

You can learn more about reporting bugs at


First test : Basic functionality

  1. Download Ubuntu 8.10 torrent and save to the Desktop

  2. Open Transmission from the Applications - Internet menu
  3. Click Add on the main tool bar, browse to the Desktop, select the torrent file and click 'Add'
  4. Check for the correct torrent on the first line and the destination folder on the second, then click 'Add' again
  5. The download should start and the progress should be shown in the main window
  6. Switch through the Active, Downloading and Seeding Tabs below the tool bar to check if the torrent appears in all of them as soon as up- and download started

Second test : Pausing and Restarting

  1. Select the active entry in the All Tab
  2. Click on 'Pause'
  3. Check if the the torrent disappeared from Active, Downloading and Seeding, and shows now up in Paused
  4. Restart the download by selecting the torrent and clicking on 'Start'
  5. Wait for the torrent to restart up- and downloading and check the tabs again

Third test : Limiting Bandwith

  1. Select the torrent and click on Details (located in the main toolbar)
  2. Select the Options tab (shown as a gear)
  3. Under Transfer Bandwidth, select Download Rate, and set it at Unlimited. Then set the Upload Rate at Limit, and type in 10 for the Kb/s.

Fourth test : Removing files and torrent

To Remove .torrent File Only-

Fifth test : Select specific files from multi-file torrent

Sixth test : Creating a new torrent from local folder

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