• Pending merges
  • Packaging
    • One package that includes test cases or two or more separate packages (one with mago itself and as many as needed with related test suites)?
    • What is the release plan for karmic?
    • Any package upload to the PPA expected for jaunty?
  • Epydoc reminder


Merge proposals

There are still 4 merge proposal:

This merge proposals needs some love and make sure that they all get reviewed by next week during the meeting.

Also, it was suggested that the first comment of a merge proposal will be forwarded to the list, so people can be aware of changes.


Mago is now a package in Karmic (next Ubuntu release) containing the library and framework, but not the test cases.

Test cases would be handled in PPAs. It would be nice to have daily PPAs with the latest changes.

ACTION: Ara to create a packaging branch only with the contents of the debian folder to be nested for building packages


Quick reminder to new contributors: we are using epydoc syntax for our API documentation Please, document your contributions, so the documentations is better kept up to date.

ACTION: Ara to find a better place for the API docs, other than people.canonical.com

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