• Mago pending merges
  • Mago merged changes
  • Mago packaging
    • Daily Builds update - jcollado
  • Mago roadmap
    • Should this be on the mago wiki or should this be in the LP roadmap system? - jtatum


Pending merges

  • The SKIP change seems quite important and needed. Open for merging

Mago PPA

  • Mago will have regular updates to the PPA at https://launchpad.net/~mago-contributors/+archive/ppa with both the framework and tests for Karmic and Jaunty

  • One possibility is having a dedicated build machine for daily PPAs
  • ACTION: ara to follow-up with james_w about the build machine
  • ACTION: jtatum to add a wiki page with the process of adding new Mago dependencies

Mago roadmap

  • It is agreed that we are going to use Wiki+Bug reports for small features and Wiki+Blueprints for larger features.


[17:31] <ara> Hello all :-)
[17:31] <mikefletcher> Hi.
[17:31] <ara> Anybody for the automated testing meeting=
[17:31] <ara> ?
[17:32] <mikefletcher> Hmm.  Might be a quick meeting.  I was just going to lurk.
[17:32] <ara> mikefletcher, hehe
[17:33] <ara> eeejay, jtatum, cgregan ?
[17:33] <ara> marjo, ?
[17:33] <jtatum> hi!
[17:33] <ara> Well, we are not many, but growing ;-)
[17:33] <ara> Let's start
[17:34] <ara> [TOPIC] Mago pending merges
[17:34] <ara>     *
[17:34] <ara>       Skip test cases
[17:34] <ara> I haven't had the time to review this merge request. Have you?
[17:35] <ara> While people answer, I would like to thank mikefletcher and jtatum for their contributions
[17:35] <ara> Thanks guys! You rock!
[17:35] <mikefletcher> No problem.
[17:36] <jtatum> I have reviewed it. It looks pretty great, especially for test development. The long term broken tests cases is a good one as well
[17:37] <ara> jtatum, OK, I don't know if I will have time to review in the mean time, but the merge comments look good. I will ask jcollado to merge the changes
[17:37] <ara> [TOPIC] Mago packaging
[17:37] <ara>     * Daily Builds update - jcollado
[17:38] <ara> Reproducing jcollado comments, as he couldn't attend
[17:39] <ara> The basic idea is that I wanted a jaunty package to make easier to run tests on
[17:39] <ara> different machines without having to deal with bazaar. Hence, I created mago
[17:39] <ara> and mago-test packages.
[17:39] <ara> mago package should contain the same files as in karmic, while mago-test
[17:39] <ara> should contain all the test cases in trunk. Otherwise, please let me know. Since
[17:39] <ara> both packages are generated using the latest version in trunk, I've also made
[17:39] <ara> them available for karmic just in case someone finds it useful.
[17:39] <ara> Despite I'm interested in using reasonably up-to-date packages, I'm not exactly
[17:39] <ara> looking for generating them on a daily basis so I'll upload new versions
[17:39] <ara> periodically depending on the amount of changes in trunk.
[17:39] <ara> I think this is great, thanks jcollado
[17:40] <jtatum> +1
[17:40] <ara> I was talking to james_w to see if we could have a machine to have fully automated builds
[17:40] <ara> I will keep you guys posted about this
[17:41] <jtatum> I guess I have a question about adding dependencies. As we merge them in, should we propose merges to the packaging?
[17:42] <ara> jtatum, sure, you can request merges into jcollado branches (I will ask him to change the ownership to mago-contributors)
[17:42] <ara> or use the karmic code at
[17:42]  * ara checks
[17:43] <ara> https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mago
[17:43] <jtatum> OK, great. I'll make an action item to note this process on the Wiki somewhere. As you mentioned on the mailing list, there's a distinction between requires and suggests depending on whether it's 'core mago' or part of a test
[17:44] <ara> jtatum, yes, I think it is best like that
[17:44] <ara> jtatum, if not, mago will end with one of the packages with the longest dependencies in Ubuntu :D
[17:44] <jtatum> haha
[17:45] <ara> jtatum, can you take that as an action?
[17:46] <ara> jtatum, to write a page about that process in the mago wiki?
[17:46] <jtatum> ara: yes.
[17:46] <ara> jtatum, cool
[17:46] <ara> jtatum, last item
[17:46] <ara> [TOPIC] Mago roadmap
[17:46] <ara>     * Should this be on the mago wiki or should this be in the LP roadmap system? - jtatum
[17:47] <ara> I think that a combination of both should work better
[17:47] <jtatum> This is just my ignorance probably. I have only skimmed the LP roadmap system so I'm probably just not aware of the challenges.
[17:48] <ara> blueprints in launchpad are not that useful for small features
[17:49] <ara> we can use a combination of wiki (to have a common place to go) + links to bugs for small features, or blueprints for large features
[17:50] <jtatum> OK. Sounds good.
[17:50] <ara> Good
[17:50] <ara> any other topics?
[17:51] <ara> OK, I think we can wrap up
[17:51] <ara> I will send the notes to the list
[17:51] <ara> thanks!
[17:51] <mikefletcher> fyi, i'm going add a Tomboy Test Suite to the roadmap and write my name beside it.
[17:51] <ara> mikefletcher, nice!

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