Ubuntu EC2 Test Plan

EC2 is the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, providing scalable virtual private servers using Xen. Canonical provides Ubuntu AMIs (Amazon Machine Images). The aim of these test plan is to provide a comprehensive testing guide of the Ubuntu official images.


You will be provided an account to use by Jorge via email, if you have any questions please contact JorgeCastro .

Getting Started

  • Click on the link mailed to you by Jorge.
  • Click "Sign Up for Amazon EC2"
  • Read the AWS customer agreement, check the box, and click "Continue"
  • Select a payment method and fill out the information(we won't charge you), click "Continue"
  • Confirm your information and click "Complete Sign Up"
  • Confirmation page will say "Thank you for signing up for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud." Click "Continue"
  • Click "Place Your Order"
  • On this page copy and save the Activation Key, you're done!
  • Make a cup of coffee (It takes a minute for your account to get into the system)
  • Go to the AWS Management Console and click "Sign into the AWS Management Console"

  • From here you can create and use the Ubuntu images, have alot of fun!

The images you need to use are available here:

If you had never run an Ubuntu EC2 image, you should look to our starters' guide

Reporting bugs

Testers for the EC2 testing project should be members of the Launchpad team Ubuntu AMI Testers.

Bugs will be reported in the Ubuntu AMI Testing project. The Server team will be responsible afterwards of reassigning the bugs to the correct project or Ubuntu package. Discussion should happen on the ec2 mailing list.

Test Results

The wiki will be used to record results

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