Firefox Upgrade to 3.6.4 Testing

Testing Instructions

This is a very important upgrade in a stable release. There are significant risks that we need to cover. Basically we want people to perform the same activities that the do daily, without issues.

In order to make testing easier, this is a checklist of things worth looking:

  1. The upgrade to Firefox 3.6.4 goes smoothly.
  2. The extensions get upgraded as well.
  3. All the Firefox plugins (i.e. Flash, Java) still work.
  4. The extensions work correctly.
  5. Full distributions upgrades are not broken.
  6. Upgrades work with only the security pocket enabled (ie, hardy-updates or karmic-updates disabled)
  7. Your localised version of Firefox is translated correctly (check menus, dialogues, etc.)

To report your findings, you can use the tracker provided in the instructions above:

Once you have selected the correct image (Hardy, Jaunty or Karmic), you will see a set of "testcases", with a summary of how many reports have been sent. Obviously, the most important one is "Firefox".


Once you open one of the testcases, you will be able to report back your findings if something went wrong. Even if everything went fine, it is always good to report back the success ("Passed") with a comment on the activities you performed.


Use the "Firefox" testcase for general testing (upgrade, rendering, plugins, etc.) and the rest of the testcases if you want to report something more specific (Upgrades to Lucid, specific extensions errors, etc.)

Use the "Translations" testcase to test the localization in your own language. Please, when reporting in the comments field, tell us in which locale are you using Firefox.

Use the "XulRunner Applications" testcase to test that the applications that use xulrunner are working correctly after the update. A list of applications to test can be found here:

IMPORTANT!! How to file bugs

As we are testing a PPA, not an official Ubuntu package, if you find an issue is NOT OK to file a bug in Launchpad. Rather than doing so, please, just explain your issue in the Comments field of the tracker and mark the test as Failed.

The tracker requires a bug number in order to mark a test as Failed. To bypass this requirement, just use the bug number "1" Wink ;-)

Firefox Upgrade Publication

See Firefox3.6.4Upgrade/SecurityPublication.


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