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Dell Latitude E4300

Lucid Lynx

almost everything works out of box. 3D acceleration, sound, resolution, webcam, CPU freq scaling, network, WLAN, touchpad, pointing device, keyboard, mouse, boot from USB, DVD drive burning, VGA out for projector or external display. All perfect in Kubuntu.

Current Issues

hibernate works sometimes. hibernate can be improved by turning off network or removing network cable before hibernate. Suspend is very reliable.


If you have a RICOH card reader it may not work. SD card work around. Add the following to /etc/rc.local

setpci -s 02:01.0 0xCA=0x57
setpci -s 02:01.0 0xCB=0x02
setpci -s 02:01.0 0xCA=0x00 

and restart.

See this related bug:


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