I, Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo, apply for the upload permissions for packages makedumpfile, kexec-tools, crash.

Who I am

I am Thadeu Cascardo and I work for Canonical as member of the Ubuntu Kernel Team. Currently, I work on the next kernel for the release in development, and work on bugs for the set of packages related to kdump: makedumpfile, kexec-tools and crash. I maintain makedumpfile on Debian as well. And I am a Debian Developer.

My Ubuntu story

I have been a GNU/Linux user since 1997 and started using Debian in 2002 and contributing to Debian in 2006. I became a Debian Developer in 2012.

My involvement

I have joined the Ubuntu Kernel Team in late 2016, and started working with the Stable Kernel Team packaging kernels for the Ubuntu stable releases. I have been contributing to Linux upstream since 2008.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

The following URL contains the activities I've been involved, mostly commiting fixes and doing releases:

I have done lots of Linux kernel packaging, as I have uploader access for those packages. And I have done lots of uploads and merges for makedumpfile, crash and kexec-tools. But I have needed sponsorship to get those in the development distro or the SRU queue.

I have added autopkgtests to makedumpfile, where there was no test before, making it easier to look for regressions.

Here is a list of sponsored packages:

What I need to improve

I need to be more conservative on uploads to stable releases. As we want to have new upstream versions backported, more testing should be done.



Alberto Milone

I have sponsored uploads for Thadeu since November 2018 (makedumpfile, and crash, among others), and I can vouch for his commitment to quality, and for his attention to detail.

Dimitri John Ledkov

I have worked with cascardo on multiple makedumpfile issues and related packages. He understands how to collect kernel crashes, and issues around managing to do so successfully across all of ubuntu supported architectures, and across all the different kernel flavours and versions we support. I am confident in his ability to prepare and upload this related set of packages.


I sponsored makedumpfile for cascardo twice, and had absolutely no issues with the debdiffs. I am certain he completely understands all code and packages involved in kdump as well as the SRU process and I fully endorse him for PPU uploader.

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