We were focused at bugs affecting Thai users like the OpenOffice.org bug (which is reported by @sugree by Twitter). After the bug finder party, willwill was playing Bingo(and he also shout bingo in #ubuntu-bugs!) and after that, we have a Launchpad tutorial.


New Bug

  • Bug #256278 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu): “OpenOffice.org render ้ำ incorrectly”

  • Bug #256283 in gdm (Ubuntu) : Cannot change option "Use 24 Hour Clock" for login screen

  • Bug #256281 in gdm (Ubuntu) : touchpad on/off key value same to fn+f1


  • Bug #226322 in Nautilus : "Thai folder in external drive do not appear in the Nautilus file browser"

  • Bug #252461 unknown : can't type thai upper and lower vowel character

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