This page is for brainstorming on future projects of ThaiTeam.

Install Fest

I (Chris) think an InstallFest could be fun. I suggest we read LoCoRunningInstallfests if we plan to do this.

We can install Linux on as many computers as possible - usually that is every computer we see that is not broken - in one day.

We will do everything possible to make sure everyone who brings a computer is happy with all changes when they leave.

We can install new OSes and software, fix Linux installs, and configure special hardware and peripherals (networking, cf/sd/mmc/etc/etc readers, mp3, camera, video, audio, USB toys, bluetooth, phones, etc).

When is everyone available?

I (Chris) am available the 3rd or 4th Saturday in January, or any Saturday in February, starting at earliest 10:00.

How can we help?

I (Chris) can set up networking and servers, and make maps for the InstallFest. I also can install or fix, talk about, etc Ubuntu Linux on laptop and desktop computers for this event.

Where can we do this?

I don't know. Anyone have a suggestion?

If you have ideas, or can help install or help in any other way, please reply on here.

Ubuntu LPI Exam

Ubuntu and LPI have an Ubuntu Certified Professional certification program. We can get people together to study, and to take the exam. The price listed is $100 (about 3500-3700 THB). Maybe if we have a big event and have many people take the exam at one time we can get a discount!

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