I'll call the two clients "UOne" and "and471". The idea is to merge and471's UI into the UOne infrastructure. Steps to do the merge:

Before feature freeze

  • [nessita + and471] merge registration steps UI from UOne into and471
  • [nessita + and471] port/merge the UI logic from UOne to and471
    • connect and471 to UOne backend
    • connect and471 to UOne network manager stuff
    • port over and471 to UOne frontend
    • make and471 parts in UOne use UOne coding standards/conventions
  • [mvo] write dbus calls out to UOne api
  • [all] profit!

After the feature freeze

  • [nessita?] merge/port the tests for UI from UOne into and471
  • [all] profit more!

and471's logindialog requirements

This details the external modules/objects that and471's logindialog currently uses. This way we can hook it up easily.


  • signals:
    • "login-successful" "login-failed"
      • with a bool whether the server was contacted
    • login(email, password, remember_authentication) cancel_login()
    • NEW_ACCOUNT_URL * (replaced by registration dialog) FORGOT_PASSWORD_URL


  • functions:
    • get_state()
      • returns True if connected, False if not
      • stops everything (the mainloop etc.)
    • connect to self.on_network_manager_state_changed, with a bool argument, whether connected or not

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