The Net Duck. What can I say, well... The Net Duck is accually a pirate. Yes thats right, a Pirate Duck. Very cool and kicks cyber butt. The Net Duck is know for the feared pirate quack and "its" amazing typeing ablities, developed over years and years of mindlessly making programs in Java, VB, Batch (kinda) C++/C and many scripting languages (they all have the same basic syntacs/orginization principles). Although The Net Duck is a computer duck, this duck has not yet mastered the ability to spell very well.... which can get annoying at times. Other than that, The Net Duck is a pretty cool quack. His main mato is "Shut up and get Quackin" and yes, he is feared among all other ducks....

  • The Net Duck

What I am currently involved in:

  • Making a cool website for me Making a cool website for ubuntu skins Learning how to become a MOTU (Way cool)
  • Here are some great links!

Screen Video Maker -

Mount an Interal Partition -

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