18:02:52 johnmark: howdidly...

18:03:11 Joe_CoT: hola!

18:03:14 ! SevenIron has joined #ubucon

18:03:16 johnmark: hola!

18:03:24 SevenIron: Yeah, I got mIRC, too!

18:03:27 SevenIron: Heh heh

18:03:28 Pici: I was expecting a few more people to be here

18:03:46 johnmark: well, it's more than last week

18:04:08 johnmark: I'll give people a couple of minutes... but I don't have long today, so I'll have to be brief

18:04:20 Joe_CoT: oh, right. irc meeting. hmm

18:04:24 johnmark: ha

18:04:44 johnmark: yeah, it's an interesting way to try to get stuff done

18:04:58 SevenIron: Brief's even better for me, too ... would like to talk about the installfest

18:05:01 wastrel: "ubucon"

18:05:13 johnmark: cool... sounds good

18:05:18 Joe_CoT: i actually just turned my pc on to check my aim Big Grin :) but alright, i'm here

18:05:28 johnmark: but first I have a couple of brief updates

18:06:04 johnmark: 1. Google will let us film stuff. It's all up to us we'll have ot provide the cameras, etc. email me if you would lik eto volunteer, or you know someone who could

18:06:55 ! GNu_Joe has joined #ubucon

18:07:01 wastrel: i have a camera, but i've never used it & don't really know how to work it

18:07:08 johnmark: haha...

18:07:14 johnmark: 2. Our office is located at 76 9th Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan, between 8th and 9th Avenue and 15th and 16th Street. Please enter the building on the northwest side (16th Street & 9th Avenue). A Google representative will be on hand to greet you, provide you with a building badge, and direct you to the 8th floor.

18:07:27 johnmark: that's straight from a Googler helping us out

18:07:55 n8k99_: hi what did i miss?

18:08:11 johnmark: n8k99: not much Smile :)

18:08:26 johnmark: did you see points 1 and 2 above?

18:08:34 n8k99_: yes

18:08:41 johnmark: ah, ok

18:09:23 johnmark: 3. we have confirmations from Bradley Kuhn, of the Software Freedom Law Center, and Jay Sulzberger, of NYLUG, and they have agreed to speak

18:09:32 n8k99_: is there something else I can do this week?

18:09:39 johnmark: and 4. Nathan did a great flyer

18:09:49 n8k99_: thank you

18:10:01 johnmark: n8k99: heh... at htis point, I just want to make sure we've hit all the college LUG's

18:10:14 wastrel: what about a printable directions and instructions and schedule thingy

18:10:26 Joe_CoT: njit's hit, i'm trying to get some of the cs people i know to go

18:10:37 johnmark: joe_cot: thanks

18:10:43 Joe_CoT: crap, anyone tell rutger's lug?

18:10:51 johnmark: wastrel: that would be good

18:11:12 johnmark: joe_cot: good question

18:11:13 Pici: I incidentally just checked on rslug's website, nothing there about ubucon

18:11:46 johnmark: pici: ok. if you guys happen to contact a LUG, please send me a note so that I know who's in the fold and who's not

18:11:54 johnmark: and no one duplicates effort

18:12:02 Joe_CoT: i just popped into their irc. it's #ruslug

18:12:10 johnmark: in fact, a better idea would be to create a grid on the wiki so that we can identify roups we can contact

18:12:24 n8k99_: anyone get farmingdale?

18:12:42 johnmark: and check off ones that have already been contacted I'll create the grid and send a note to the list

18:12:51 n8k99_: and lilug?

18:12:52 Pici: Good idea

18:13:07 johnmark: and speaking of the wiki, we're at the point where we need to start creating wiki pages for some of the session planning

18:13:31 johnmark: installfest in particular again, I can create the shell page for the installfest and give volunteers a means of signing up there

18:14:06 Joe_CoT: has anyone volunteered to be installed? I don't picture many people lugging desktops to nyc :/ how'd it go last year?

18:14:07 johnmark: now that Jay S. and Bradley Kuhn have agreed to speak, I'll give them an opportunity to put their stuff on the wiki, as well

18:14:31 johnmark: joe_cot: that'sa good point. what happened in mountain view is that a lot of people brought laptops

18:14:42 johnmark: and they had a ton of questions about niggling stuff that wasn't working right

18:14:58 johnmark: so I kind of wished that I had set aside a separate room just for that

18:15:03 Pici: Will Google be providing wired/wireless access?

18:15:05 johnmark: which I'm doing this time Smile :)

18:15:14 johnmark: pici: ah yes, thanks for asking

18:15:16 Joe_CoT: yeah, which is a problem. if support is iffy at this point, it's on the laptop end

18:15:30 GNu_Joe: How many talks and how many round tables?

18:15:31 johnmark: joe_cot: yeah, no one's expecting miracles

18:15:51 johnmark: pici: there will be wireless at least in the main auditorium

18:16:02 wastrel: time to learn how to hibernate/suspend :]

18:16:02 johnmark: the breakout rooms will probably only have wired access

18:16:04 johnmark: haha

18:16:44 Joe_CoT: okay. if we have internet access, I'll do some of the installfest work. should i be bringing install CDs, or are we good on that? laptops many times need the alternate install one to work

18:16:53 johnmark: GNu_Joe: the so for talks / round table breakdown...

18:17:03 johnmark: I'm assuming it will end up being about half and half

18:17:27 johnmark: joe_cot: we're good on CD's. Some Ubuntu folks are bringing a bunch with them

18:18:01 johnmark: joe_cot: but good poitn re: alternate CD's. Please bring a couple just ot make sure we can burn more if needed

18:18:20 GNu_Joe: BTW where is the flyer, I want to get it out, we have our lug meeting this comeing Wed.

18:18:35 johnmark: GNu_Joe: oh duh... I meant to send that out

18:18:45 johnmark: n8k99: can you give us the URL?

18:18:59 Joe_CoT: yeah, i'll bring a couple of each just in case. btw, what do we do about ppl that are looking to dualboot? do we tell them to install windows themselves first?

18:19:39 johnmark: http://eckenrodehouse.net/kubuntu/flyer11.pdf

18:19:46 johnmark: check out the flyer

18:20:00 johnmark: dl it, email it, print it, have your way with it :@)

18:20:08 johnmark: joe_cot: thanks

18:20:44 n8k99_: oop sorry

18:20:56 * n8k99_ was caught up in colbert report

18:21:07 Joe_CoT: i'm caught up in dinner Wink ;)

18:21:53 johnmark: so for round tables, so far I can see round tables on "laptops and other small devices"... "software freedom and digital rights"... and "Future of Ubuntu"

18:22:26 johnmark: I know we'll have plenty for the latter two, but I need to make sure there are enough knowledgeable folks for a laptop / small devices round table

18:22:45 wastrel: extension cords

18:22:45 johnmark: if you can think of more, please send the idea to the list

18:22:55 johnmark: wastrel: I think google will provide

18:23:07 johnmark: joe_cot: missed your question re: dual boot

18:23:41 johnmark: joe_cot: for something like that, we obviously can't help them install windows first, but assuming they already have it, which is most likely, we can help withth erest

18:24:17 johnmark: so for talks... I'd like to get as many desktopcentric talks as possible

18:24:46 johnmark: Mako is coming, so he can probably give a multimedia or graphicscentered talk

18:25:03 johnmark: someone last week discussed doing a video or graphics talk, although I can't remember who

18:25:11 johnmark: it was in the IRC session

18:26:10 johnmark: what are some talks you would like to see? at least 4 Ubuntu folks will be there, including a couple from Canonical corporate what sort of things would you like to see from them?

18:26:37 GNu_Joe: I'm doing a minitalk (1015minutes) on Beryl and gDesklets if others can come up with a few more we could do a desktop thing

18:26:40 johnmark: what we had in Mountain View was someone talking about their roadmap for Ubuntu, which was hugely popular

18:27:03 johnmark: GNu_Joe: awesome. we could combine that into a desktop round table, or some such

18:27:22 johnmark: does anyone here have a lot of experience with launchpad or any of the other Ubuntu tools?

18:27:46 johnmark: I can probably find someone, but I was hoping to see what everyone in this session can do

18:28:04 GNu_Joe: johnmark, desktop shootout? we do that, each person gets 10 minutes and it's lot's of fun ( an funny as we heckle each other)

18:28:14 johnmark: haha

18:28:33 johnmark: how would it work?

18:28:34 Joe_CoT: desktop shootout? o.O

18:28:53 johnmark: 10 minutes to talk about their krad desktop?

18:29:28 wastrel: a gnucash tutorial would be pretty cool

18:29:28 GNu_Joe: ya, each person pick a desktop aka KDE Gnome etc and we have a smack down, it's very entertaining and educational

18:29:47 wastrel: that proggy has an intimidating learning curve

18:29:52 johnmark: haha... yeah, that's exactly the kind of fun session that would encourage participation

18:30:22 johnmark: or perhaps we make it between kubuntu and ubuntu? tha tmight be fun

18:30:30 johnmark: I know there are definitely kubuntu folks coming ing

18:30:52 johnmark: anybody here know xubuntu very well?

18:30:57 GNu_Joe: dude... should have been there when we did the editor smackdown with emacs vs VI it was hysterical!

18:31:03 johnmark: haha!

18:31:33 johnmark: GNu_Joe: ok, tell me how this would work and put it on the wiki. that would be awesome

18:31:51 wastrel: vi

18:32:11 johnmark: wastrel: missed your gnucash idea yeah, lots of people don't even know that it exists

18:32:30 Joe_CoT: johnmark: sort of. The closest i've got is my enlightenment experience from my gentoo days. i've got fluxbox installed, but gnome is fine for me

18:32:31 johnmark: I can see hours and hours of fun just presenting interesting desktop apps that nobody knows about

18:32:42 johnmark: joe_cot: ok

18:32:50 SevenIron: (Gotta goooo ... I'll read the transcripts & follow up privately).

18:32:59 johnmark: seven_iron: thanks!

18:33:04 ! SevenIron has left #ubucon []

18:33:10 johnmark: ok... I've got 10 more minutes

18:33:51 johnmark: joe_cot: it's probably enough to have kubuntu vs. ubuntu. most people recognize xubuntu as being for older hardware at least that's how I've interpreted it

18:33:51 GNu_Joe: Well I think we need a roadmap talk... to make it a true "con"

18:34:10 johnmark: yeah, that will be taken care of by someone straight from canonical

18:34:14 johnmark: so we're covered there

18:34:19 wastrel: inkscape is good

18:34:25 wastrel: not as well known as gimp

18:34:32 GNu_Joe: what about a keysigning party like the fedora fokes did?

18:34:57 johnmark: wastrel: good point. and scribus... and lyx... and many others. I gotta think about how to fit that all in. send your ideas to the list

18:35:03 johnmark: gnu_joe: definitely want a keysigning

18:35:23 johnmark: perhaps we could do that in the same room as the installfest? how many people did that at fudcon?

18:36:00 Joe_CoT: bip and bitlbee. that's how i got disconnected 15 minutes ago and no one noticed Smile :)

18:36:32 GNu_Joe: If you can lure Jono B. to come, then he could talk about Jokosher

18:36:55 Joe_CoT: isn't he in england?

18:37:13 johnmark: gnu_joe: unfortunately, he will be in Ireland at the time. Yeah, I was bummed Sad :(

18:37:26 GNu_Joe: dang

18:37:38 johnmark: gnu_joe: what's jokosher?

18:38:21 Joe_CoT: nonlinear music editing studio

18:38:40 johnmark: joe_cot: oh very nice

18:38:56 GNu_Joe: johnmark, His's baby => http://www.jokosher.org/ one of the crown jewels of feisty

18:38:59 Joe_CoT: right? i only know what i gather from the planet

18:39:32 johnmark: gnu_joe: ok. I'll check it out. great thing about doing app sessions is taht you don't necessarily need to be the author of tha tsoftware

18:40:41 GNu_Joe: it should give garage band a run for the money

18:41:23 GNu_Joe: Well, I'm of I'll keep and eye on the list, let me know what you need, Still have yet to hear back from John about the Blender talk...

18:41:30 GNu_Joe: of=off

18:42:32 ! MagicFab!n=magicfab@ubuntu/member/magicfab has joined #ubucon

18:44:25 wastrel: a talk to introduce ubuntuforums and wiki.ubuntu.com might be good

18:44:55 johnmark: wastrel: absolutely

18:44:59 Joe_CoT: lol, well if they're there, i hope they've seen the wiki ;D

18:45:12 johnmark: gnu_joe: thanks for checking

18:45:15 johnmark: haha!

18:46:26 johnmark: wastrel: in general, a great session last time was all about using the Ubuntu community online tools

18:46:56 johnmark: Jordan Mantha gave a talk about that at the last ubucon. I'll see if I can grab his presentation somewhere

18:47:05 johnmark: that's a must have session

18:47:22 johnmark: ok... gah, wehre did the time go. I have to run. iwll send some updates to the list

18:47:40 johnmark: and let's shoot for Friday next week what time is best for everyone?

18:48:14 Joe_CoT: eh, i can't make it next week. if stuff needs brought, put it on the mailing list and i'll see what i can do

18:48:23 Joe_CoT: try not to run yourself ragged Wink ;)

18:48:32 johnmark: haha... ok Wink ;)

18:49:47 johnmark: ok... cya

18:50:01 Joe_CoT: later

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