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I'm a Brazilian web developer, that uses free software since 2004. My first contact with Ubuntu was on version 6.06, Dapper Drake, through CDs that was sent to me from a Ship It request. Currently, I'm a student of Information Systems at Santa Catarina State University.
I contribute to various projects by translating them through Launchpad; in 2009 I was approved as a reviewer in Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators LoCo Team. Also suggested some ideas in Ubuntu Brainstorm and reported some bugs at Launchpad Bug Tracker.
Since February 2011, I'm member of Ubuntu Brazilian Planet, available in http://planeta.ubuntu-br.org. In April 2011, I was indicated as Administrator on Ubuntu-SC LoCo Team.

I love Ubuntu since first contact, and I'm here to make it better.

Working On

What's Next?

  • Continue supporting and helping Brazilian Ubuntu users;

  • Review more Brazilian Portuguese translations at Launchpad;

  • Continue writing posts about Ubuntu on blog, that had more than 100000 visits since 2007;

  • Report bugs and translate the Natty Narwhal and in the future Oneiric Ocelot;

  • Continue the local distribution of CDs (now sent to LoCo teams) and ISO images;

  • Make Ubuntu-SC LoCo Team a better group and bring more peoples to the team;

  • Help on development of Launchpad Translation API.



Tiago always helps in translation team. As Brazilian Translator Coordinator I strongly endorse his candidacy to the Ubuntu Team. André Gondim

Tiago Hillebrandt is a very active member in the Ubuntu community in Brazil, mainly in the team of reviewers of translation into Portuguese of Brazil. His personal blog has many quality articles about Ubuntu. Rudinei Weschenfelder

Brazilian Portuguese

Tiago possuí uma grande atuação na área de publicação do UBUNTU, participou do evento no Estado de Santa Catarina, SOLISC 2010 da Associação Catarinense de Software Livre. O Evento local de software livre, que é muito esperado anualmente, contou com sua grande contribuição para apresentar o sistema operacional UBUNTU para quem ainda não o conhecia, sua palestra foi muito valorizada principalmente para quem ainda não conhecia GNU/LINUX. Ele apresentou também o projeto e seus fundamentos, além da parte de publicação técnica incentivando a todos a participar do projeto da Canonical. José Dantas

Meeting Log

<greg-g> alright, tiagoscd, you're up! :)
<greg-g> [topic] tiagoscd
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<tiagoscd> well, lets go
<tiagoscd> hello
<tiagoscd> i live in Brazil and i'm studying information systems
<tiagoscd> i started with free software in 2004, using Slackware Linux
<tiagoscd> in 2006, i had the first contact with Ubuntu, like you can see at wiki pag
<tiagoscd> according launchpad, i'm one of top contributors of brazilian portuguese language
<tiagoscd> i think that informations present on the wiki page are more detailed :)
<tiagoscd> thats it!
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<greg-g> awesome
<greg-g> pardon me while I poke around your wiki and LP pages a bit :)
<tiagoscd> greg-g, ok
<tiagoscd> i was indicated by Andre_Gondim as coordinatr on ubuntu-sc loco team this month
<pleia2> tiagoscd: have you been part of any events with the Brazilian team?
<greg-g> tiagoscd: how do you plan on making your LoCo better and attracting more members?
<beuno> tiagoscd, where's the Ubuntu-SC LoCo team from?
<tiagoscd> last year, i talked about ubuntu in a popular regional congress, called solisc (http://www.solisc.org.br)
<tiagoscd> greg-g, to support ubuntu here i pretend to promote flisol events at santa catarina state, as well making events to divulgate the OS and the ubuntu-br team
<tiagoscd> beuno, from Santa Catarina state
<tiagoscd> a state in the south of brazil
* beuno notes that "pretend" in spanish and portugues  means "intend"
<greg-g> beuno: thanks :)
<tiagoscd> beuno, tks
<pleia2> tiagoscd: great wiki page :)
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<tiagoscd> pleia2, thanks :)
<greg-g> well, I think we're ready
<greg-g> [vote] tiagoscd
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<beuno> \o/  welcome tiagoscd
<tiagoscd> wow, very nice o/
<greg-g> congrats and welcome, tiagoscd !
<tiagoscd> tks
<pleia2> congrats tiagoscd!
<charlie-tca> Congratulations, tiagoscd
<Pendulum> welcome tiagoscd!
<Emerling> tiagoscd, felcitaciones
<julianarmando> Congratulations tiagoscd :)
<greg-g> alright, you're up, cmmtessier! :)
<cmmtessier> hello
<greg-g> [topic] cmmtessier
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<cyphermox> tiagoscd, welcome, and keep up the good work!
<cmmtessier> I'm with the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo
<cmmtessier> here's my wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/charlenetessier
<tiagoscd> tks all for this!!
<greg-g> tiagoscd: :) you're very welcome

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