I, Tim Gardner, apply for the Ubuntu Core Development Team team membership, to reinstate upload rights for Ubuntu packages.

Who I am

I'm a Kernel Developer with the Ubuntu Kernel Team. I started with Canonical the first time in Feb 2007 as a Kernel engineer. I was a kernel team technical lead for a number of years. Due to circumstances beyond my control I left Canonical April 2017. I returned in Feb 2021. My current role as kernel engineer is primarily focused on cloud customer support (AWS, Oracle, Azure).

My Ubuntu story

As an independent software contractor I had encountered a number of projects having to do with Linux device driver development, primarily in the then nascent wireless 802.11 technologies. I thought it would be interesting to make a living working with open source full time. One of my first projects with Canonical was to kick start our device enablement program with Dell, a partner with whom we still have strong ties.

My involvement

I work on the Cloud Kernel Team for Ubuntu. I assist with the preparation, packaging, and testing of Ubuntu's cloud kernels.

I implement features requested by our cloud provider customers. Most recently I have developed Intel SGX support (see linux-base-sgx) for Azure kernels. I review mailing list patches and sometimes work on Launchpad bugs.


This URL will generate a list of packages that I've sponsored as a core-dev prior to April 2017:

This URL will generate a list of packages that I've prepared and have had sponsored: Note the packages that I've had sponsored since Feb 2021.

Upload Rights

I'm requesting reinstatement of CoreDev rights that I allowed to expire. I did not have access to Canonical email after April 2017 and did not receive notice of team expiration. My focus will be on kernel and kernel related packages, though I have engaged in +1 maintenance in the past as time allowed. I've prepared a number of packages in the last 6 months. I feel that my packaging skills are at least back to a level where I won't do something stupid and wreck the archive.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here. Don't forget to sign with @SIG@.



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Kelsey Skunberg (KelseyS)

General feedback

I have sponsored a large group of Tim's cranks. I confidently feel he is ready to earn upload rights. Tim has demonstrated to have plenty of knowledge of our SRU process and can accurately apply patches and crank kernels. He's shown to be aware of many of the errors that can occur and knows how to properly fix them. I'm sure Tim will remain cautious and double check work before uploading. Strong +1.


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As a sponsor, just copy the template below, fill it out and add it to this section.


=== General feedback ===
## Please fill us in on your shared experience. (How many packages did you sponsor? How would you judge the quality? How would you describe the improvements? Do you trust the applicant?)

=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
''Please add good examples of your work together, but also cases that could have handled better.''
=== Areas of Improvement ===


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