About Me

NAME: Tim Webster
LOCATION: Grove City, Pennsylvania USA
AGE: 25 and Counting Smile :)

My Computer

CPU:533 Mhz AMD K6-2
VIDEO:32 MB Nvidia GForce2 MX 200
OS: DualBoot WinXP/Ubuntu(Soon to be Xubuntu)

My Linux Experiance

As you can tell, my computer is pretty old. I have always had one version of Windows on my computer at all times. I started with Win98 and then upgraded to WinXP when it came out. I have two seperate HD's one with my Win and one with Linux. When my WinXP system crashes I can access the files on that HD from Linux and burn Backups if needed. If I had high speed internet(not available in the country) I would go full Linux, but I have a WinModem(PCTEL-has a Linux driver that I have got to work) and my ISP Netzero has a version of there software made for Linspire(based on Debian) but it is buggy and uses Java which I have had troubles with on Linux. Maybe some day I can take the leap.

I start with Red Hat Linux in 1999. Then I switched to Mandrake(now Madriva) Linux. After that I found Debian which lead me to Ubuntu and now I am downloading Xubuntu.

I would like to help with the development and testing of (X)Ubuntu. I have been following the mailing lists and will start hanging out on the IRC. As my experiance grows I hope to fill this page with all that I learn.

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