Current TimeVault Branding

As shipped in the 0.7.0 package available on Launchpad

Standard icon:


Snapshot pending icon:


Reconnect to daemon icon:


At the moment the tray icons are not very helpful for people with dark backgrounds in their systray (Ubuntu Studio theme users etc).

I propose the clock faces in the pending icon should be made opaque and have their colour change to the default Ubuntu theme systray colour. A border of the same colour might be appropriate round the arrow on the reconnect icon too.

Slightly re-designed Wed 18th July 2007

Snapshot pending Icon:


Reconnect to daemon icon:


It may not be immediately obvious on here but the changes include, filling in the clock-faces on the pending icon in white and drawing a line round the arrow on the reconnect icon. They do look slightly better on a dark background but seem to look relatively unchanged on a light background (which is the desired effect).

They are pretty rough though and could definitely benefit from the attention of someone who knows what they're doing at some point.

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