I, Timo Jyrinki, apply for core developer rights.

Who I am

I was a SUSE user since 1997 and transformed into Ubuntu user around the Ubuntu 4.10 beta announcement day. I founded Ubuntu Finland in 2005, became Debian Developer in 2008 and I'm currently working as a contractor for Canonical. I used to be active in Openmoko community, and I was the press representative for Finnish Wikipedia for 10 years. I'm also part of the FSFE's Finland branch.

I'm currently Ubuntu Member, MOTU and I have PPU rights to qt5 and ubuntu-qt-packages.

My Ubuntu story

I got involved because of the 'human' marketing when Ubuntu was released. I started with the interest in getting Finnish translations of Ubuntu into better shape. Despite the harsh market situation I still love Ubuntu for trying to get more free software to ordinary people around the globe (among other things). I wish there was more competition in that field.

I like polishing and fixing any bugs that seem technically minor but UX wise major. I could probably do better by using social media more about the Ubuntu development.

My involvement

Packages in Debian:

Ubuntu sponsored packages from me:*Timo*Jyrinki*&sponsoree_search=name (does not include packages core-devs have sponsored for me via CI Train)

I've handled among else Qt transitions 5.2.1, 5.3.0/2, 5.4.0/1/2 and 5.5.1. This has included getting known to most processes in Ubuntu like MIRing packages, proposed migration, autopkgtest debugging and fixing, component mismatches, ...

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

With last few years' Ubuntu work I'm proud of the Unity stack SRU's, my contribution to the CI Train smoothness and the Qt 5 packaging contributed and done in co-operation with Debian.

Areas of work

I've maintained some packages in Ubuntu main via Debian since 2007 (Voikko language tools).

2012 ->, I used to work on Unity stack SRUs/packaging/testing together with Compiz/Indicators/Unity teams. At the end we had a polished/trustworthy validation process, although quite manual compared to current continuous integration.

Qt 5 has been a major area where I've worked with Debian's pkg-kde team and many teams on the Ubuntu side. I'm happy how little delta there is between Debian and Ubuntu. I've also been involved with the SDK team and their Qt usage and Qt Creator efforts, as well as deploying and maintaining the team's new Jenkins instance.

I'm part of the CI Train's landing team / trainguards, so I occasionally interact with all Canonical upstream teams to help with packaging or testability. I contribute to various parts of the phone while doing that, and I care deeply about the next OTAs being prepared for my own and others' primary phones.

As for patch piloting I lean towards desktop and helping official flavors because of personal interests and skills.

Things I could do better

I'm trying to improve using more recent tools available. I'm now using LXC daily, LXD and Snappy would be worth more exploring. I'm now familiar with adt to a small extent, but not really that advanced user.

Plans for the future


Continue to keep Qt 5 in sync with Debian. Get 16.04 LTS and next phone releases polished.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Perceived performance and other UX bugs. Unity8 hopefully fixes it. Unity7 is nice, functional and usable but is not perceivably as smooth as it could be.


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Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

I really enjoy working with Timo. He responds quickly, he pays attention to details, work with Debian and upstreams, work with flavours and even managed big transitions like moving to a newer Qt. He knows his way around and it always happy to help others. I fully endorse him as a core-dev. -- dholbach 2016-03-03 14:00:16

Łukasz Zemczak (sil2100)

General feedback

I'm working with Timo almost since my beginning in Canonical. Throughout that time I saw how fast he learns and how quickly he reacts to problems. He has vast packaging experience documented by his involvement in the Qt packaging world. He handled huge Qt transitions, did multiple patch piloting sessions as a MOTU, handled package releases through the CI Train as a trainguard and many many more. Timo is more than ready for core-dev. Let me say this even stronger: why isn't Timo a core-dev yet?! -- sil2100 2016-03-04 11:12:16

Didier Roche (didrocks)

General feedback

Timo is really a great guy with who working with has always been a pleasure. He really improved over the years since the first introduction to Qt5 in Ubuntu, working closely with the Debian community to get things not diverging to much, and ensuring that all impacted parties (like Kubuntu) are in touch when major transitions happen. I strongly +1 him as a core-dev. -- didrocks 2016-03-11 14:08:16


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