I, Timo Jyrinki, apply for upload rights for the ubuntu-qt-packages package set, created on Nov 23th 2015.

Who I am

I'm a Finnish free software lover somewhere above 30 years of age. I'm a SUSE user since 1997 and Ubuntu user since Ubuntu 4.10 beta. I founded Ubuntu Finland in 2005, became Debian Developer in 2008 and I'm currently working as a contractor for Canonical. I also used to be active in Openmoko community, and I was the press representative for Finnish Wikipedia for 10 years. I'm also part of the FSFE's Finland branch.

I'm Ubuntu developer with MOTU rights and currently PPU rights for the qt5 package set.

My qt5 PPU application:
My MOTU application:

My Ubuntu story

I got involved because of the 'human' marketing when Ubuntu was released. I started with the interest in getting Finnish translations of Ubuntu into better shape. I've liked getting that part fixed ever since.

I like polishing packaging, and fixing any bug that seems technically minor but aesthetically major. I could probably do better by using social media more about the Ubuntu development.

My involvement

Packages in Debian:

Ubuntu sponsored packages from me:*Timo*Jyrinki*&sponsoree_search=name

I've handled among else Qt transitions 5.2.1, 5.3.0/2, 5.4.0/1, working on 5.5.1.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I'm proud of many of my past work, but with last few years' Ubuntu work I'm proud of the Unity stack SRU's, my contribution to the CI Train smoothness and the Qt 5 packaging contributed and done in co-operation with Debian.

Areas of work

Before the CI Train and daily release processes I used to work on Unity stack SRUs/packaging/testing together with Compiz/Indicators/Unity teams. At the end we had a very polished/trustworthy validation process, although naturally far from daily release effectiveness.

Then Qt 5 started to be the major area where I've worked with Debian's pkg-kde team and any team on Ubuntu side wanting something patched in a Qt module. I've also been involved with the SDK team and their Qt usage and Qt Creator efforts. Those co-operations have went well, and I'm very happy how little delta there is between Debian and Ubuntu.

In addition to Qt, as part of the CI Train's landing team / trainguards, I occasionally interact with all Canonical upstream teams when there's a problem in one of the landings, or if a regression or testability problem needs to be quickly addressed. I tend to contribute to various parts of the phone while doing that.

Things I could do better

One thing I'm trying to improve is using more recent tools available like LXC, LXD, instead of sticking to the old habits.

Plans for the future


Continue to keep Qt 5 in sync with Debian. Get 16.04 LTS and next phone releases polished.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Perceived performance in some cases. Unity8 should largely fix it, ie. the '60 fps everywhere' which is what I'd want. Unity7 is nice, functional and usable but is not perceivably as smooth everywhere as it could be.


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