I'm the team contact for Ubuntu Finland. Also leading the Ubuntu Finnish translators team (see FinnishTeam and https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-l10n-fi).

Personal homepage

IRC: Mirv @ Freenode, OFTC, IRCnet

Some stuff I'm involved with (mainly for the Ubuntu membership process):

Ubuntu / Debian

Launchpad homepage (PPA, bzr)

- Running Ubuntu Finland since '05, sysadmining on Canonical-provided servers both Ubuntu Finland and others on the same server, and finally helping in the final migration to the Canonical data center.

- Getting i18n better in Ubuntu: see spec, post 1 (Aug 07), post 2 (Mar 08), post 3 (Apr 08). Some of my recently sponsored i18n fixes benefiting all non-English users: 1 (brasero), 2 (transmission), 3 (policykit-gnome). Also otherwise involved in fixing and/or reporting many i18n problems.

- Applying to be Debian Developer: https://nm.debian.org/nmstatus.php?email=timo.jyrinki%40iki.fi

- Going through bug reports of various sorts

- Participated in UDS-Intrepid in Prague, pics 1, 2 & 3


- I've also some background in the Finnish Wikipedia - TJ @ fi-wiki, having been an administrator there since 2003, and being a media contact there. I'm also bureaucrat at the Finnish Wiktionary, Wikibooks and Wikiquote.

- Founded Vapaa Suomi (Libre Finland) - a site about free/libre software and content in Finland

- Localization in Finnish in general: Ubuntu Finnish translators (founder), GNOME Finnish translators (SVN commit rights to svn.gnome.org), Pidgin, Freeciv, many others...

Cheers from others

(added 45 min before meeting)

Continuing to be related to the ubuntu membership, here I'd gather cheers from others if anyone is awake:

  • Yay for Timo! Since I started as the moderator of the Finnish Loco team discussion forums, I got into a job interview to work for COSS. Timo has been a valuable contributor for the Finnish open solutions scene and especially for Ubuntu. --Myrtti

  • A long time contributor for Ubuntu and FOSS in general! --TimoAaltonen

  • ...


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