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About Me

Hi, I'm Timothé, aged 17. I was born and live in The Netherlands. I'm studying Software Engineering at the 'Hogeschool Utrecht', where I am learning Java. I'm eager to learn more programming languages, so I'm hoping to do some C/++ soon! I'm interested in web programming and have knowledge of PHP, MySQL, XHTML strict, CSS3 and a bit of javascript. Other, non-computer involved hobbies of mine are playing Football, Singing and listening to music (e.g. visiting concerts Funny :))

My Involvement with the Linux Community

My main involvement with the linux community is the fact that I'm a Linux user. I've been using linux since Ubuntu 8.10, and since linux mint 9 I've been started using linux mint. As for Linux Mint I'm just a user, and whenever I can, I submit bugs. As a second project I work for the Lubuntu project, the lightweight ubuntu for old computers, I basically try to help out on their channel ( #lubuntu) wherever I can (and of course have a lot of fun with the other lads out there!). At last I'm also working for the gmpc project (Gnome Music Player Client), it is a graphical front-end for MPD (Music Player Daemon). The player carries with a lot of functions, and still achieves to use minimal resources. I help the project by translating words to Dutch, help out on the channel #gmpc wherever and whenever I can. Last thing I did and still do for the project is build a website, I've made it and keep it up to date with information about the player. The site can be found here: GMPClient.org.


If you want to contact me through IRC, I can be found in the following channels: #gmpc: The Gnome Music Player Client support channel, for information, or a nice chat about anything! #lubuntu: the Lubuntu support channel, for information regarding Lubuntu. #lubuntu-offtopic: The Lubuntu offtopic channel, come by to have some fun! Smile :)

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