Install TinyERP on Hardy

TinyERP is an open source Enterprise Resource Planning system with a very active community. Ubuntu Hardy includes the 4.2.0 version of TinyERP in the universe repository.

Install the package

Install the tinyerp client and server packages:

sudo aptitude install tinyerp-server tinyerp-client

Fix a bug in the package

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/tinyerp-client/tinyerp_icon.png /usr/lib/tinyerp-client/tinyerp-icon-32x32.png
sudo mkdir -p  /usr/share/pixmaps/tinyerp-client/icons

Now you can launch the client by pressing Alt-F2 and entering: 'tinyerp-client'. You can create a database from the menu system of the client (that's the easy way), just follow the instructions from the GUI.

To install the most current version of Tinyerp (4.2.2), us the following directions : http://openerp.com/wiki/index.php/InstallationManual/Installation_Linux/ServerInstallUbuntu

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