Here's how to assemble your own images with live-build running in a cross environment. This works for the nano, developer, alip and ubuntu-desktop images for p & q. I've also created a server image as well.

This does work for older oneiric based images with the exception of ubuntu-desktop due to a mono + qemu bug.

Install Required Packages

apt-get update
apt-get install live-build 
apt-get install qemu-user-static

Configure and Build

mkdir dirforbld  ; cd dirforbld

#pick a branch:
bzr branch lp:~linaro-maintainers/linaro/live-helper.config.precise.nano  config
# or:
bzr branch lp:~linaro-maintainers/linaro/live-helper.config.precise.developer config
# and so on.

cp config/ .

# add/remove packages listed in config/package-lists/nano.list.chroot which is  a text file. One package per line.

sh ./
lb build
# When rebuilding use the commands :  
#  lb clean --all ; lb clean --cache; rm -rf .stage/* ; lb build

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