I, Tom Gall, apply for upload rights for package libjpeg-turbo.


Tom Gall

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Who I am

I live in the very tiny town of Mantorville Minnesota with my wife and 2 kids. I'm been writing software since 1982 when I bought my first computer a C= Vic-20 on my paperboy salary. Three 8 bit registers, 256 bytes of stack and 4K of memory. These days I'm interested in open source software on ARM and advancing the state of Linux on ARM. I work on libjpeg-turbo. I also work on iOS apps helping out a bit of the #ubuntuone iOS apps.

My Ubuntu story

My first interest in Ubuntu was to see if I there might be some interest in a ppc64 arch. I've used ubuntu on my desktop and laptop, it's clearly the best Linux distro out there with a good developer community that pays attention to usability. I like that the Ubuntu project isn't afraid to go in new technology directions like Unity.

My involvement

My first deep involvement has been with the Linaro project. Ubuntu has been the landing place for a number of Linaro's advanced on ARM. In my case libjpeg-turbo, live-build, and the iOS ubuntuone Files and Music apps are of note.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

* Linaro Dev Platforms

  • live-build
  • maintaing imagines, creating new images (nano, alip, server, ubuntu-desktop, developer)
  • libjpeg-turbo
  • random packages

* Lead Multimedia Team

  • libjpeg-turbo

Worked with doko on the change over from libjpeg8 to libjpeg-turbo8 in Ubuntu. Things went well, change over occurred in Precise.

Things I could do better

Sometimes random parts of the process isn't always completely solid in my mind on how to best proceed but on the good side, there are wikis and helpful people like rsalveti, slangasek, doko and others to help guide and point me in the right direction.

Plans for the future


  • Keep the bug counts low and keep latency low when libjpeg-turbo bugs do come in.
  • Help out fixing and updating packages for the ARM architecture.
  • Continue doing random tasks with the #ubuntuone iOS apps.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I really want ARM to be a first class Linux architecture. This includes being a first class architecture in launchpad. It's quite a bummer that you have to have devirtualized PPAs in order to have ARM packages built. Obviously there's a good reason for it given that it would take a lot of ARM hardware in order to build packages in PPAs like is done for intel. Still, I hope this can change in time especially as future ARM hardware like the A15 comes along.


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  • asac: I have been working with Tom for roughly two years, initially being his Linaro manager and later as a peer. I know him as a technical very adapt person, who has a long standing distro background and got used to the ubuntu/debian way of packaging as part of his key role in Linaro's Ubuntu effort. Also, I feel his personality and work and collaboration attitude is a great match for the Ubuntu developer community and having him being the jpeg-turbo maintainer would bring great upstream knowledge paired with experience on the ubuntu/debian packaging side into Ubuntu. In short: I couldn't think of a better package maintainer for jpeg-turbo then Tome and I fully support his application for PPU on jpeg-turbo.

Marcin Juszkiewicz

General feedback

I worked with Tom Gall in Linaro Developer Platform team. His work on ARM related improvements was great. Part of it was libjpeg-turbo which accelerated JPEG manipulations on our favourite platform a lot without doing any harm on other architectures.

I think that he is good maintainer.

Areas of Improvement

May be worthwhile to check Lintian warnings.


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