Tomas Nilsson

I started with Linux in 1998. The choise at that time was Redhat. I wanted to run some sort of UNIX at home. My work related OS was Solaris, but that was not suitable to run at home. Later on a switched to Mandrake and continued to use it until late 2004, when I found Ubuntu.

I use Ubuntu on all of my 3 machines at home and on my IBM Thinkpad T41 at work. Some of my collegues have also started to use Ubuntu as their Desktop OS.

I try to be active in the Ubuntu Forums; share my knowledge and get more knowledge about Ubuntu specific things.

At work I mostly do sys admin on Solaris, but also some AIX, NetApp, HP-UX and Linux (Redhat). At home I use Ubuntu for me and my fanmily, surfing, reading e-mail with Evoulution, watching movies, gaming, trying to learn some artwork with gimp and inkscape, banking and economy.

Ubuntu Breezy testing

I have just started to test Breezy on my old P3 700 MHz desktop (with a Abit BE6-II motherboard). I upgraded my machine my replacing hoary with breezy in the sources.list. There where some issues with my Swedish keyboard, but that was resolved my browsing through the ubuntuforums.

Ubuntu Dapper Drake testing

I am testing Dapper Drake on my very old IBM Thinkpad 600X. So for so good, it is just working!! Smile :-) Dapper Drake is quite fast on such old hardware. I am suprised.

I have tried the following netowrk cards:

  1. D-Link DFE-690TXD
  2. Canyon CN-WF513 802.11b/g CardBus (I used ordinary WEP encryption)

Both cards works out of the box!

Contact information

  1. Name: Tomas Nilsson

  2. Nationallity: Swedish

  3. Location: Stockholm, Sweden

  4. E-mail: Tomas dot Nilssson *rm this* gmail dot com

  5. Ubuntu Forums: tnilsson


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