Basic Info

Name: Tommy Trussell

Location: Conway, AR (Arkansas) USA

Hometown: Little Rock, AR USA

Past Locations: Olney, TX; Little Rock, AR; Troy, NY; Boston, MA


Email address: (or whatever it says on my Launchpad page)

My History With Ubuntu

I've been using Ubuntu since Warty. That first install was an oldworld Mac (PowerBook G3 Series -- WallStreet II / PDQ) but I have branched out and have a small fleet of computers running Ubuntu Dapper 6.06.1 through the latest stable release.

Here are my hardware compatibility database submissions (aka info from checkbox ):

Other Info

I have a M.S. in Technical Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic, and my first instinct is usually to write about it, whatever it is, and make it understandable. That way I have half a chance of remembering and/or understanding it myself. Wink ;-)

Community Involvement

I'm a member of the Ubuntu Arkansas LoCo team, and have been active in CARLUG (Central Arkansas Linux Users Group). Find out more about linux in Arkansas at

I also have been working with the folks at GnuCash, reading everything and sometimes responding to questions on the GnuCash mailing list and occasionally irc.


I'm not a "real" programmer, but over the years I have written a few lines in BASIC, some HyperCard stacks, and some code in M (aka MUMPS) for various support and documentation projects. As of early 2010 I am trying to teach myself enough Scheme to scratch an itch in GnuCash.


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