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Tony Pursell

About Me

I'm married and live in Pontypool, South Wales , in the UK. I retired a few years ago after five years as a Civil Servant, but before that I spent 35 years working in IT development (design, specification, documentation, installation, support and a bit of programming). A lot of that was with various flavours of Unix and different databases. I now do voluntary work for my local Citizens Advice which takes up most of my spare time.

Me & Linux

My first experience with Linux was with Slackware (CLI only), back in 1996. I used the UMSDOS system and booted off a floppy disk. Very basic, but I could do some work at home on the scripts I couldn't get running at work.

In 2004, I struggled to get Debian installed and hated KDE, but then I found Ubuntu (Warty). I must have been one of the first to try it, and its been all plain sailing since. Ubuntu Linux has been my main desktop OS for a long time now. I also have Ubuntu on my EEEPC and an Acer Aspire REVO.

Things I do for Ubuntu

I'm really just a user of Ubuntu, but I do try and do what I can for the community.

  • I am a LibreOffice user on Ubuntu (and Windows) so I answer LibreOffice questions on Launchpad.

  • I edited a few sections of Getting Started with Ubuntu produced by the Ubuntu Manual Project

  • I have posted a few bugs.
  • I have done a bit of translating (English-GB and Welsh).


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