László Torma (toros)



about me

I am a Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo activist. I was born in 1982. I live in Budapest, and I work as a copywriter for an advertising agency. I am an open source enthusiast, and Ubuntu user. As you can see, I am an active Ubuntu advocate: I write all kind of stuff including news, articles, documentation, press releases, etc. I am also active in organising release parties and other kind of Ubuntu (and open source) related events. I spend a high percentage (some say, too high) of my free time on Ubuntu and the LoCo - and I enjoy it very much...


Jani Monoses (janimo): I have interacted with László via email on a couple of occasions and he has always been prompt and helpful. His involvement in the Hungarian LoCo team and promotion is impressive.

Gabor Kelemen: I'm cooperating with him almost every day and his involvement in the loco team is essential. I'd attribute the popularity of mainly to his articles and tutorials. Our positive public image is mainly the result of his communication/community handling skills.

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