Design Suggestions

As part of the core apps project we want to encourage our community to create and submit designs that can be used as food for thought when our community builds the apps.

Please note that we are primarily looking for wire-frame mock-ups of designs and not for final visual designs. Most of the visual design is automatically delivered by the SDK.

How To Add a Design

To contribute design, first ensure you have picked an app and then read the App Design Guides.

Next, send an email to David Planella (david.planella AT canonical DOT com) and Michael Hall (michael.hall AT canonical DOT com) to ask to be added to MyBalsamiq (this is the system we use for creating mock-ups.

Now look at each of the screens listed in the project in the Design section and view any existing designs.

If a design matches how you think it should look but with a few changes, please don't create a new design but instead leave comments on the design itself.

If there is either no design or you would like to propose a new design, simply create the design in MyBalsamiq on Please be sure to use the Phone container and add your design inside it.

Now link your design under the right screen heading below and using the following format:

 * [[|Your Name]] - summary of your design

As an example:

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