Sprinting to 14.04: Ubuntu Touch Core App Hack Days!

Hack Day

Wikipedia says a Hack Day is:-

"an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects"

We're running another batch of Hack Days for the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps in March 2014. As we're drawing closer to the Ubuntu 14.04 release in April, we are tightly focused in polishing the core functionality across all core apps ready for them to be of production-quality on phones, tablets and desktops by release.

We are at a critical point of the release, where everything is coming together and there is a lot of hectic in the platform to get everything ready. Starting from scratch, and driven by the community, the core apps work has been stunning so far, and we want to they get the exposure they deserve and users can benefit from them by driving them to completion. With everyone's help we can make it!

As such, we've chosen the theme for these Hack Days to be Sprinting to 14.04.

More specifically we want to focus on:-

  • Fix “bytesize” bugs
  • Implementing the final UX and visual designs for Calendar and Music
  • Finding & fixing critical bugs in core apps and their dependencies

  • Identify and record gaps in functionality - and assign people to fix them
  • Get new developers involved in Core Apps and Ubuntu Touch development in general
  • Have fun!

The Hack Days are run by MichaelHall (mhall119), DavidPlanella (dpm) and AlanPope (popey).


We will be targetting bugs to the "hackdays-1403" milestone for each app to drive them to completion.


We've chosen to focus on two Core Apps per day over the period 25th - 27th March 2014, but if you want to work on Core Apps at any other time we won't mind! Smile :)

As with the previous Hack Days, we're batching two Core Apps together each day. This allows us to get through all 6 apps in 3 days, and gives people a choice each day for which app to work on. This is especially useful where we have paired an app which is mostly complete with one where there are gaps, or paired two apps which use similar technologies. Have no fear, there will be no days with nothing to do! Big Grin :)

We're going to run the days from 09:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC.

Here's the schedule:-


We co-ordinate the work in #ubuntu-app-devel on freenode IRC.

Getting Involved

Participating in the Hack Days is extremely easy: you just need a working Internet connection and access to IRC. We simply recommend some preparation beforehand:

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