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Reporting Bugs

Where does my bug belong?

Bugs should be filed against Ubuntu source packages. If the upstream requires an upstream bugtask, file the bug against the source package and then mark it as "Also affecting project".

To file a bug directly on the device use the "ubuntu-bug" program, specifying the package which you'd like to report against. e.g.

  • adb shell ubuntu-bug unity8

The above is the preferred method for filing bugs directly on the device. If for some reason you are unable to run ubuntu-bug on the phone, you can manually file a bug directly in the source package. A non-exaustive list of upstream projects and respective source packages can be found here.

When reporting bugs against Ubuntu packages, remember to follow Ubuntu bug reporting guidelines.


Image revision

Don't forget to add the image version as a bug tag, e.g. r31, for image version 31. This will help us to track issues per image.

To get the image version:

root@ubuntu-phablet:/# system-image-cli -i
current build number: 31
device name: mako
channel: trusty-proposed
last update: 2013-11-26 13:27:03
version version: 31
version ubuntu: 20131126.1
version device: 20131126

Or just open system settings -> about this phone.


If you experience a regression, tag the bug regression and add [regression] to the bug title. If you are unable to verify if the problem is a real regression, ask on #ubuntu-touch IRC channel. There might be people there able to check if the issue you found is present in previous versions.

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