Retrieving data for APN DB

To reliably add a new operator to the APN database we need to know some data to unequivocally identify the operator. To retrieve that data, connect your Ubuntu phone to your computer and do

adb shell
sudo su
stop ofono
find /var/lib/ofono -name gprs | xargs rm

WARNING: the last step will remove your APN settings, and reset cellular data slot preference and data roaming configuration to the defaults. So you will have to restore manually your settings after you reboot.

Then, insert your operator's SIM in case it is not there yet, and reboot. Wait approximately 10 seconds after you see Unity's welcome screen, and do from a terminal:

adb shell grep Provisioning /var/log/syslog

You should get something like

Xxx XX XX:XX:XX ubuntu-phablet ofonod[XXXX]: Excluding Provisioning Plugin
Xxx XX XX:XX:XX ubuntu-phablet ofonod[XXXX]: Provisioning for MCC XXX, MNC XX, SPN 'xxxxxxx', IMSI 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', GID1 'xxxx'
Xxx XX XX:XX:XX ubuntu-phablet ofonod[XXXX]: Provisioning failed

After doing this, please create a bug in

and include the lines you obtained from the "grep" command plus the data you had to enter in the APN editor: APN, name, password, and MMS fields.

Do not forget to remove the IMSI number (IMSI 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx') from the log. The rest of the data is not subscriber specific and can be safely made public.

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