Warning /!\ Ubuntu Touch is no longer maintained as a core product by Canonical. However, the Ubports community are continuing development.

Testing a ubuntu touch application

Wondering how to run tests on a phone? See this page.

For everyone

OTA Testing

Help test OTA releases! Here's the information to get you started using checkbox.

Community Exploratory testing

Interested in helping prevent regressions and ensure new features land bugfree everyday? Join us in doing manual exploratory testing of each new stable image.

Translations Testing

Help make ubuntu readable in all languages! Join us!

For developers

Unit Testing

Unit testing is a requirement for proper test-driven development. To learn how to utilize the tools Qt and the SDK make available for this, see this page.

Functional testing

For functional testing you can utilize the autopilot tool. Originally developed for the testing unity, autopilot has become a useful tool for functionally testing many different types of applications; including QML! See this page for more information on how to get started using autopilot.

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