Simulating Phone Calls and Messaging

This assumes you have a writable image on the device.

1. Install required packages

   sudo apt-get install messaging-app-autopilot dialer-app-autopilot

2. Set up fake modem/sim

   mc-tool update ofono/ofono/account0 string:modem-objpath=/phonesim
   mc-tool reconnect ofono/ofono/account0
   /usr/share/ofono/scripts/enable-modem /phonesim
   /usr/share/ofono/scripts/online-modem /phonesim

3. Receive fake SMS and phone calls

For messaging

   python3 -c 'from messaging_app.helpers import receive_sms; receive_sms("1234", "Hello")'

For incoming calls

   python3 -c 'from dialer_app.helpers import invoke_incoming_call; invoke_incoming_call("1234")'

note: If the steps in 2. don't work you might have to do:

   mc-tool add ofono/ofono SIM1 string:modem-objpath=/phonesim
   mc-tool enable ofono/ofono/account0
   mc-tool request ofono/ofono/account0 available

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