Here are my notes as I find things relevant to using this touch screen:

$ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 04e7:0020 Elo TouchSystems Touchscreen Interface (2700)

Installed Jaunty Feb 18 09 - out of the box I get X's display, and the mouse 1/2 works: touch center of screen, mouse cursor jumps to center. drag finger up, mouse follows (good.) drag finger to the left, mouse goes to the right. that's a problem.

Manufacture has linux support: Version 3.1 April 14, 2008 (have not tired it yet, hoping to only use ubuntu packages.)

/usr/lib/xf86-input-evtouch/ev_calibrate "Note: Version 1.1.0-3 has a bug that is triggered when axis minimum and maximum values are inverted. Until the package is updated a patched version (1.1.0-3ubuntu1) is available from my PPA. "

For the types EloTouch and MicroTouch exists a rudimentary calibration tool

Metrolink Metro-X Enhanced Server - This X server supports touchscreen from the following manufacturers ... EloGraphic "Steps in the calibration process" - looks like a description of how to write a calibration program.

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