There are currently two versions of the Ubuntu Desktop Course:

  • Instructor Led Training: materials include the Instructor Guide, Student Guide, developed in DocBook and hosted in Bzr, as well as a slide pack, current version is based on 7.10

  • WBT/eLearning/Online Course: current version based on 7.04

We are in the process of updating the current 7.10 Desktop Course - ILT (Instructor Led Training) to version 8.04. Anticipated release date is 15 December 2008.

Update Process

  1. Identify any course objectives changes (Dinda)
  2. Identify deltas from 7.04 to 8.04 (see sign up table)
    • - Software updates/new inclusions/removals - Screen captures - text changes
  3. Update courseware materials (OO Write v3 can now do docbook format)
  4. Final review and edits
  5. Release date of 15 December 2008

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