This deadline marks the date where translations for Ubuntu are due. Translations done up until this date will be automatically included in the final release's language packs.

Generally language pack deadlines are on Tuesdays, and the corresponding language packs are released on the following Thursday. For those interested in more details, feel free to consult the language pack creation schedule.

Translations outside language packs

Some translation data cannot currently be updated via the language pack mechanism. For the packages affected, it is the responsibility of the maintainer to manually:

  1. Export translations from Launchpad
  2. Integrate translations in the package
  3. Do a package upload including translations

Translations which fall into this category are:

Ubuntu Packages that should contain translations themselves are listed here

Ubuntu If you want to contribute filing bugs or tracking their status, you can use the following bug template. You can see the list of all such bugs with the non-langpack-translation-deadline tag.

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