This is a template you can use when requestion upstream projects hosted in Launchpad to change their translation model from Open to Structured.

Subject: Switch to structured translation mode


Can you please change the translation model for your project from open to structured ?

I am the coordinator of Romanian Ubuntu translation and I saw wrong translations for Romanian in the upstream translation for your project.

By using the open model everybody can add translations and there is no way to assure translation quality.

By using the structured mode, and for example assigning translations to Lauchpad Translation team, everybody can add suggestions but only members of a translation team can check, fix and validate the translations.

Members of Launchpad localization qa teams are knowledgable translators working toward assuring quality in Ubuntu translation and upstream projects.

You can find more about Launchpad Translators by visiting the following page: https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/LaunchpadTranslators

Many thanks!

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