This is a temp page for the Transmuter project until Launchpad gets a Wiki. :P


Take your entire FLAC collection and convert it to another format. People are using FLAC for archival purposes but the lack of support in popular media devices usually means one has to re-rip their CDs to another supported format or convert files an album at an time with current, often complicated solutions. Transmuter was created to let you convert your ENTIRE music collection to a format of your choice with ease.


To create a feature complete application with total user configurability to convert a FLAC collection to any audio format.

To Do

  • User-configurable options. Configs are currently hard-coded.
  • Create GTK and QT front-ends.


Launchpad project page.


  • IRC: luisbg or _MMA_ in #transmuter on Freenode.

  • Email:

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