Hi, and welcome to the wiki of the head of the austinteam here at wiki.Ubuntu

Thanks Trevor. When will we have our first Austin, Texas Ubuntu meeting?

-> As for the first meeting how does everyone feel about meeting at Central Market on South Lamar for dinner and ->discussion of team.

Sounds good to me-- Caleb Basinger Anyone else?

How do we contact you?

-> I can be contacted via phone @ (512)441-0770/AIM-sevenx191/

What's your timetable for this?

->I don't really have a timetable for this I just wanted to create it but I couldn't find enough people to start it for ->a long time, so I'm glad to find support

North Austin Kubuntu user very interested. 2007-02-14

South Austinite very interested.

Georgetown ISD employee very interested. 2007-03-29

Paul Terry Walhus

Ray Jones Dale (Lockhart)

Another South Austinite very interested. 2007-06-12 Caleb Basinger -

Yet another South Austinite interested. 2007-06-18 Deryk Wen -

Interested in South Austin. 2007-06-26 Dion Miller -

I'm interested ( JeremyTeale ) 2007-07-07 210-259-3852

Very interested. Let's start now! 2007-07-12 North Austin/RR,

South Austinite Interested -- btw why no mailing list yet?

Interested. North Austin/Pf

UT student interested. Diafygi 2007-09-23

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