About Me



  • Francis David Earl, although I go by Trey.
  • Born March 20, 1984 in Coventry England
  • Living in Phoenix, Arizona, USA


  • Computers in general
  • Soccer
  • Clubs/Partying
  • Pool

Linux History

Although I have never gotten into coding, I have been using Linux for more than 3 years. I first installed Red Hat 7.3, but soon navigated to Debian. I've never really looked back, Debian simply made sense to me.

Over the years, I have often voiced my disapproval of Debian's need to support many architechtures while features are held back. This eventually led me to Ubuntu, Ubuntu supports architechtures that I view as being popular, but doesn't support too many. This results in easier work for the developers, and thusly more up to date software.

Ubuntu Specific

As soon as I first read about Warty, I had to get it. I promptly downloaded the Preview Release, and popped into #ubuntu, I've been there pretty much ever since. Ubuntu is truely going in the right direction, and I wish other distributions would take a lesson from this great team.

My contributions to Ubuntu so far have been primarily related to support. I am a regular in the Support Channel on IRC, I have also helped out as much as possible with the wiki.

In the future, I plan to become more involved in the project, especially the documentation team. Hopefully I will have a role to play in the direction of the distro to some degree also.


I am currently attending Collins College. I am studying for my AAS, emphasis on Network Technology.

I was never the best high school student, not because of my lack of intellect, but simply my inability to avoid trouble. I was often done earlier than other students, and became restless.

I ended up simply getting my GED, cut my losses, and decided to continue my education in a setting that I knew I would excell in. I got in many arguments due to my belief in Linux, especially with the Novell instructor. It was rather humorous when Novell brought into Linux.

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