Xubuntu 14.04 LTS

Xubuntu 14.04 is an LTS (Long-Term Support) release and will be supported for 3 years.

The release announcement for the second point release of Xubuntu 14.04 can be found at http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-14-04-2-released/.

You can download ISOs and Torrents from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/14.04.2/release/

New features, enhancements

  • Light Locker replaces xscreensaver for screen locking

  • Light Locker Settings for controlling Light Locker and screensaver preferences

  • Mugshot for editing personal preferences

  • MenuLibre (2.0.1) for editing menus, replacing Alacarte

  • Community wallpapers package

  • New application versions: gmusicbrowser 1.11.1, Catfish 1.0.0, Parole 0.6, Xfwm 4.11, Xfdesktop 4.11

  • The panel now supports GTK3 indicators and uses Whiskermenu as the default menu along with a new single-panel layout

  • Improved documentation which is also updated to match new applications and application versions
  • New artwork, themes updated to work with the latest GTK3 version, many icon theme fixes

Important bug fixes

  • Removable drives and media not automatically mounted/listed (1210898)

  • Parole reports "Gstreamer backend error, could not initialise supporting library" (1278089)

  • Thunar not saving sidebar "places" bookmarks after exit (1280641)

  • Mugshot fails at attempt to change avatar (1284720)

  • xfdesktop leaking memory on wallpaper change (1295614)

A more exhaustive list of the most important and high-impact bug fixes can be found at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-t-bugs.

Other changes

  • IBus dropped from the default installation, see known issues
  • The image viewer and organizer gThumb is dropped, Ristretto is still included for photo viewing

Known issues

As with any software and software collection, Xubuntu has some bugs and issues. These include:

  • Xfce4 Power Manager does not restore screen power (1259339). You can try running xrandr, which has worked as a problem-free workaround for some users. Alternatively, to restore a working desktop go to TTY1 (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and restart lightdm with sudo service lightdm restart. NOTE: You will lose all unsaved work in progress! It appears that all instances of this bug so far are caused by suspending by closing the laptop lid - suspending from the logout dialog works to the best of our knowledge.

  • Window manager shortcut keys don't work after reboot (1292290)

  • Sorting by date or name not working correctly in Ristretto (1270894)

  • IBus is dropped from the default installation due to a high-influencing bug (1284635); the team looks to get this bug fixed soon and to reintroduce IBus in a future point release. If you are upgrading to 14.04 from a current version in which IBus is still installed but unused - you will need to either set-up IBus for your keyboard layout after rebooting or purge it. Alternatively purge IBus before upgrading.

  • Due to the switch from xscreensaver to light-locker, some users might have issues with timing of locking; removing xscreensaver from the system should fix these problems

To see a list of known bugs in the common infrastructure, refer to the Ubuntu release notes.

To see a brief summary of bugs fixed between Ubuntu 14.04.1 and 14.04.2, refer to the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/14.04.2.

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