Kubuntu 14.04 Alpha 1

Kubuntu 14.04 Alpha 1 is available for testing. Try it out now if you want to help debug before our release in April 2014.

Upgrading from Previous Versions

Download a Disk Image

Instructions to upgrade from 13.10 To upgrade to Kubuntu 14.04 pre-releases from previous releases, run kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade from a command line.

Download a Bootable images and put it onto a DVD or USB. Burning ISO Guide.

Alpha 1 Highlights

KDE Plasma 4.11 and Applications 4.12 Release Candidate


The upcoming KDE Applications 4.12 release is promising greatly improved reliability and performance.

Mozilla Firefox 26


Kubuntu 14.04 introduces award winning Mozilla Firefox 26 as default web browser.

Gwenview Plugin Installation


Plugins in Gwenview can now be installed on-demand from inside the application.

Automatic Crash Reporting


No software is perfect; Kubuntu 14.04 however makes it easier than ever before to inform developers when something has gone terribly wrong, using the all new automatic crash reporting.


Linux Kernel

The Alpha 1 Trusty Tahr snapshot includes the Ubuntu Linux kernel which is based on the the upstream v3.12.4 Linux kernel. The 3.12 release contains improvements to the dynamic tick code, support infrastructure for DRM render nodes, TSO sizing and the FQ scheduler in the network layer, support for user namespaces in the XFS filesystem, multithreaded RAID5 in the MD subsystem, additional highlights are described here.

Known Problems

Kubuntu Desktop

Bugs tagged Kubuntu 14.04

  • #1262779 KDE oem-config requires extra Continue click to prevent crash
  • #1259465 kde-nm-connection-editor is completely useless for setting up TLS connections
  • #988991 debconf does not working on KDE
  • #988961 debconf: Missing dependency on libqt3support4-perl
  • #1182784 Install with German / Swiss Keyboard fails: "ubi-console-setup failed with exit code 141" or "Installer Crashed"
  • #1038522 [kde] manual partitioning in installer crashes when handling many partitions


Development of Kubuntu 14.04, the Trusty Tahr is ongoing and bugs are fixed every day. Before reporting bugs, please ensure your system is up to date. For verifying installation related bugs, updated disk images are available from Daily bootable images for standard PCs/laptops/netbooks.

You can give us feedback on the Kubuntu Google+ page.

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