Kubuntu 14.04 LTS


Software Selection

Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox is the default browser for Kubuntu 14.04 LTS as the previous default browser will not see the improvements we expect or need in the foreseeable future.

Core Improvements


Distribution upgrades will more reliably be able to detect whether an installation is supposed to be a Kubuntu system and ensure that the upgrade introduces the intended software packages for a Kubuntu system.


Translations coverage has been greatly improved over previous releases as more Kubuntu specific software is being exposed to a new localization process.

New Features and Software

GStreamer 1.2

GStreamer 1.2 is used as the default multimedia library in Kubuntu 14.04 LTS. All core components have had support added to accomodate this change.

KDE Control Module Whopsie 14.04

New configuration user interface for automatic crash submission to http://errors.ubuntu.com

KDE Runtime Language Support 14.04

Improved reliability, packaging is now logic encapsulated in a new Kubuntu specific distribution plumbing library.

Kubuntu Driver Manager 14.04

New addition driver manager replacing Jockey-KDE. Backed by ubuntu-drivers-common.

Kubuntu Notification Helper 14.04

Improved reliability and integration with Kubuntu Driver Manager as well as KDE Runtime Language Support. Introducing additional notifications when previous unseen devices with alternative driver options get detected, and when additional packages need to be installed to ensure complete localization of the system.

Ubiquity KDE

General improvements as well as color blind safe partition bars.

Software Changes

KDE Applications and Platform 4.13.0

Introducing a new semantic search framework as well as general improvements to and bug fixes.

KDE Workspace 4.11.8

Bug fixes and general imporvements to the long-term support release 4.11.

Muon Suite 2.2.0

General improvements to Muon Discover as well as Muon Updater.

PAM KWallet git20140410

New single sign-on capabilities for the password manager KWallet. Allowing new wallets to be automatically be created on first login and automatically unlocked on subsequent logins.

KDEConnect 0.5.1

General improvements to Android <-> Plasma Workspace interoperability.

KDE Touchpad git20140305

New touchpad configuration replacing the previously used synaptiks. Improving reliability of touchpad configuration and adding additional configuration options.

Phonon 4.7.1 and Phonon VLC 0.7.1

Introducing ABI stable and API compatible Qt5 support through the phonon4qt5 library.

Phonon GStreamer 4.7.1 git20140403

Transitioning to GStreamer 1.0 from GStreamer 0.10.

QtWebkit 2.3.2 (Qt4) GStreamer 1.0

Introducing GStreamer 1.0 for HTML5 multimedia backing.

For generic Ubuntu Release notes and Known installer issues see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes

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