What is Ubuntu Kylin?

The objective of the Ubuntu Kylin project is to create a variant of Ubuntu that is more suitable for Chinese users. We are committed to provide you with a delicate, thoughtful and fully customized Chinese user experience out-of-the-box. For instance, by providing a desktop user interface localized in Chinese and installing common software that Chinese users commonly use by default. Ubuntu Kylin has been a formal member of the Ubuntu family since Ubuntu Kylin 13.04. Now, we are happy to announce the release of Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 LTS.

Features in Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 LTS Release

In this final release, the Linux kernel is upgraded to 3.13 and Unity is upgraded to 7.2. Specifically designed for efficient Chinese input, 14.04 LTS has the Sogou Input Method, a typing tool that provides intelligent predictive search and auto-complete. Sogou, combined with Kingsoft WPS office suite, makes Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 LTS even faster and easier to use when creating documents and browsing the web. The new release also includes Kingsoft Kuaipan, the cloud file syncing application, which offers a maximum of 2TB personal cloud storage and provides rapid access to files and content to any Kuaipan-compatible device over the web. A lightweight Ubuntu Kylin software center is provided to supports both Ubuntu and Ubuntu Kylin archives. Users can easily enjoy popular Chinese applications co-developed by Ubuntu Kylin team!


This final release includes the 3.13.0-19.39 Ubuntu Linux kernel which was based on the v3.13.6 upstream Linux kernel. It improves much at networking, scheduling, thermal and power management, visualization, filesystems, security and hardware support.

Ubuntu Kylin Archive

We establish an archive on the cloud platform based on Tianhe-2 supercomputer. To supports both Ubuntu and Ubuntu Kylin archives, a new Ubuntu Kylin Software Center is designed with GUI much easy for Chinese. Now, you can enjoy popular Chinese applications co-developed by Ubuntu Kylin team via this client!


System Customization

  • Localization: co-work with Ubuntu Loco team, translate the UI, software description and help documentation. During the cycle between Beta 1 and Final Release, we translated more than 5600 items and reviewed more than 56600 items, which makes you have a more suitable desktop experience!
  • Optimization: choose Chinese-specified packages( such as Fctix, Chromium and SMPlayer) and remove useless software and language packages, which make the system lightweight and easy to use.
  • Customized Chinese Themes, specifically designed for Chinese users. Stunning boot-up animations and selected wallpapers from our contest. Allowing you to appreciate the efforts we have devoted even to the details.


System Applications

  • Youker Assistant, a system management and configuration tool we developed for Ubuntu Kylin users. It could show system infromation, cleanup system garbage and beautify system customization. It makes your desktop more streamlined, more user-friendly, and enriched with personality.


  • Fcitx Qimpanel, we design and develop a powerful panel for Fcitx. It is efficient and stable, with four beautiful Ubuntu Kylin shins. We are providing you with a better Chinese input experience.


  • Kingsoft Kuaipan, a Linux cloud storage client jointly developed by Ubuntu Kylin Team and the Kingsoft Cloud Corp.. It provides file synchronization, backup, and sharing capabilities. You can manage your files across all OS now!


  • WPS Office, domestic text processing tools, compatible with Microsoft Office file formats, powerful typesetting features and extensive online resources.


  • Sogou Input Method, co-developed by Ubuntu Kylin team and Sogou Corp.. It is based on Fcitx framework and supports the same user experience with Windows, Mac version.


Known Problems

As a flavor, most known issues of ubuntu may also exist in ubuntu kylin. You can check them on ubuntu release note.

During 14.04, 240+ bugs were reported or related to ubuntu kylin. 130+ of them have been fixed so far while 40+ are marked as incomplete or invalid. Most of the left ones are related to applications and have very small influence with low importance including 30+ translation flaws such as (1304393,1304394、Bug:1304395...).

The special important issues are listed here:

  • Ubuntu Kylin docs is not integrated properly (1308889).

  • indicator-keyboard is not removed which is not needed (1288519).

Minimum System Requirements

  • 1 GHz processor (for example Intel Celeron or better)
  • 1 GB RAM (system memory)
  • 8 GB of free hard drive space for installation
  • Either a CD/DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media
  • Internet access is helpful (for installing updates during the installation process).

If you have an old machine, you may consider other alternatives like Lubuntu or Xubuntu.



Upgrading from Ubuntu Kylin 13.10

  • Open Software Sources.
  • Press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager" (without the quotes) into the command box.
  • Update Manager should open up and tell you: New distribution release '14.04 LTS' is available.
  • Click Upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions.


The Release ISO can be downloaded from here


Thanks to everyone involving in the development of Ubuntu Kylin, the success of Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 would the result of our joint efforts. If you want to be a contributor of Ubuntu Kylin,see: NewContributorGuide

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