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We have 7 work groups, each one have its planning.

  1. Secretary

  2. Relationships with companies

  3. Relationships with universities

  4. International relationships

  5. Events

  6. Web&Tech

  7. Redaction




Team Reporting

Ubuntu Weekly News Letter

To share our activity with the international ubuntu community we send our LoCo news to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter :


A first classroom session was organized by our LoCo and it was about an "Introduction to Bazaar". This session was a great success in our LoCo community and in the FOSS Tunisian community. For more informations : and

LoCo Team Meetings

A regular monthly meeting is held to discuss LoCo actions and organize our activities. When needed a non regular meeting can be organized. For each meeting we prepare an agenda and we publish minutes. Since our approval xx meetings was organised (yy regular meetings, indicated by Ubuntu , and zz non regular meetings, indicated by Warning /!\ ). For a full history of our meetings visit this page : Meeting. Agenda and minutes are in French.