November 2008

Ubuntu at The software Freedom Day 2008

The Software Freedom Day, taken place this year on October 29th, was an excellent opportunity to expose the Ubuntu Linux and encourage the public especially students to adopt this operating system. During this day, Tunisian ubunteros has led many workshops about LiveCd, Ubuntu Server, UbuntuME, Virtualization using VirtualBox, Wubi, Compiz-fusion... etc. and distributed about 400 ubuntu CDs. Also, a lecture entitled "Ubuntu: The spirit, the OS and the community" was given by Rafik Ouerchefani in the honour to Ubuntu-tn LoCo Team. This event offered another opportunity for Tunisian ubunteros to promote ubuntu philosophy and allowed an excellent real life meeting between them.

Ubuntu at The CLLFST Virtualization Day

This event was organized by the Free Software Club at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis (CLLFST) on November 20th 2008. In this day, two lectures has taken place : The first deals with the Logical Volume Manager and was represented by Imed Chihi, and the second was a presentation of ubuntu and a workshop on Virtualization using VirtualBox, led by Wajih Letaief (ubuntu-tn member). This day was an occasion to meet CLLFST ubunteros and may initialize collaborations between them and our LoCo Team.

Ubuntu's day in Sfax

15/11/2008 was a great day in Sfax as the Ubuntu-tn LoCo Team was their to animate the "Ubuntu's day in Sfax". The day was held in the High Institut of Computing and Multimedia of Sfax (ISIMS), it was a great opportunity to introduce new users to Ubuntu and Open Source in general. There had been a lot of activities like workshops about OpenOffice.org and Virtualization with VirtualBox, a successful mini-install party where we had installed Ubuntu 8.10, UbuntuME and Ubuntu Studio on 18 laptops and distributed more than 80 CDs and DVDs of Ubuntu, and at last two conferences about Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio.

Credits : Insaf, Rached and ubuntu-tn LoCo Team

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