December 2008

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #123

Ubuntu Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #123

Tunisian Team Events in December

The Tunisian Ubuntu team was invited by the Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technologies to participate in an open source seminar titled "Free Software: A Strong Involvement of IT". During the course of the presentations they offered testimonies on the use of open source software in companies. They also gave a lecture on Ubuntu, their LoCo, and what activities they participate in. Ali Ben Brahim also talked about the Ubuntu philosophy in business, and the advantages of using Ubuntu in business settings.

In December, they completed the first of 2 phases of migrating the National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) to Ubuntu. This first phase included presentations to students, teachers and technical staff of ENIS[1] and installing Ubuntu on 150 PCs (10 classrooms). More information at : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/TeamReporting#ENIS%20Event%208.12

Ubuntu-tn at the 4th edition of the annual seminar on FOSS Tunisia

The ubuntu-tn LoCo Team was invited by the Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technologies during the annual Tunisian open source seminar entitled Free Software: A Strong Involvement of IT(http://www.opensource.tn/seminairelogiciellibre) The main presenters were:

  • The Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technologies
  • Sun Microsystems represented by Juan Ramon ALLEGRET (An Open source projet Manager)
  • IBM represented by TBM (IBM Tunisia)
  • Oracle represented by (Oradist) Oracle Tunisia
  • Linagora represented by its CEO Mr Alexander Zapovsky

and a dozen of Tunisian and French integrators.

During the various presentations we participated to several companies testimonies on the use of open source software in companies. About 180 persons were present during this event.

Ali Ben Brahim gave a lecture on ubuntu, ubuntu-tn and ubuntu-tn activities in wich he talked,too about Ubuntu philosophy in bussiness and he enumerated too many advantages of using ubuntu in business field. About 30 persons attend to our presentation.

ENIS Event 8.12

Migration Project of the National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS)

This project was initiated under the ENIS computing equipment migration under ubuntu. This migration will be conducted in two phases. A first phase in December and a second phase in January. The intial plan of the first phase was scheduled over two days (20 and 21 December 2008): a conferences day and a migration day (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/EventENIS). Finally this first phase lasted 4 days because of unforeseen problems and some hardwar worries.

During the first day, members of the ubuntu-tn LoCo provided various presentations to students, teachers and technical staff of ENIS (about 80 people). Each presentation was followed by a discussion between the ubuntu-tn LoCo members and the public in the amphitheatre. The presentations are here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/Presentations.

The second day began with an ubuntu 8.10 install party install to about fifty people who have either come with their laptops or used the school PCs. At the same time other members have started the process of installing and configuring an apt-cacher server. Another group was working in the development of scripts and configuration of the virtual machine image. The longest stage was the migration of 10 classrooms (about 150 PC) to ubuntu. This migration, which took two days, was made in several steps, a first for the installation of ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS desktop, a second step for the configuration of users accounts, a third step of installing applications and updating client PCs with the apt-cacher server and a final stage of deployment and configuration of the virtual machine. All these steps had been made with the presence of the technical staff of the school so they can continue the work without our presence. A classroom type was finalized with all steps and technical staff will follow the steps in the remaining classrooms. Finally, during the fourth and final day, members residents in Sfax visited the school to see if the technical staff was able to ensure the continuation and if there were other unforeseen problems.

The continuation of this project is planned for January where migration from the rest of the ENIS computing equipment (more than 1000 PC) is envisaged.

Credits : Ali, Hatem, Nizar and ubuntu-tn LoCo Team

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