Hello everybody,

My personal website can be found at:

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The GNU Operating System (http://www.gnu.org)
Free Software Foundation Europe (http://fsfeurope.org)
Join the Fellowship and protect your freedom! (http://www.fsfe.org)

I support a list of HOW TO's to get some things done with more ease. I do a lot of bash based scripting and I am working to become a MOTU and Debian Package Maintainer. I am also a FLOSS ambassador in The Netherlands (Free Libre Open Source Software)

Please give me feedback about my work, so I can continuously keep improving it.

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These scripts have both community support and commercial support.

Please post all your feedback about the scripts so I can continuously keep improving then.

I hope these scripts help a lot of people!

HOW TO: Compiling and Installing the OpenChrome Graphical VIA Driver

HOW TO: Installation of the SCR335 smartcard reader

HOW TO: Installation of hellanzb NZB usenet downloader

HOW TO: Installation of lib-xine based multimedia codecs

HOW TO: Installation of a complete vmware server setup

HOW TO: Setting up xfce xft font rendering settings

HOW TO: Setting up xorg LCD 96 DPI native monitor settings

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