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About me

  • I am a student living in Paris, France. I am passionate about computers, and particularly free systems and free solutions.
  • My first version was the Ubuntu Warty (4.10), so the first version. Before, I did some test of GNU/Linux with Mandriva (Mandrake at the time) and Debian.
  • I chose Ubuntu because of its active community, and simplicity of the system. I sincerely believe that Ubuntu is the best GNU/Linux distribution and is one which, in my opinion, will go further from a large public point of view.

Contributions to Ubuntu

This event brings together more than 4,000 people every 6 months so it is difficult to organize: advertising, staff organization, feedback ... But we are a good team and things go better and better. My role at this event is not only coordination, but I also participate by installing ubuntu to novice users, explaining how the system works, its benefits ... Besides, I participate in recording and in live broadcasting of the conferences on the web.

  • I am also a member of the team that manages the Ubuntu-FR booth at the International Solutions Linux in Paris La Defense. (http://www.solutionslinux.fr/). (My badge of entry here, a picutre of the event here.)

Solutions Linux is an exhibition organized by the company Tarsus rather oriented professionals. (Canonical was the last year and will be this year Platinium Sponsor). Canonical has its own stand, ubuntu-FR has its own, but ours is more focused towards the general public, the Canonical is more oriented professionals.

This conference leds to the installation of a LTSP Edubuntu network with 5 machines and 1 Xeon Ubuntu LTSP Server. Now, I help students and teachers to use this new system for work, job and free time and I try to convince them to install ubuntu at home and it going to work !

  • Recently, I made some translations of Ubuntu in french on Lauchpad.
  • I also help many novice users of Ubuntu on IRC as best I can, on #ubuntu-fr. Speaking of IRC, I am active on all ubuntu-fr-* channels, especially on #ubuntu-fr-party to organize all the events related to ubuntu. The good atmosphere that prevails is representative of the entire Ubuntu community!
  • To finish with my contributions, I also wrote a dozen articles on the French Ubuntu Wiki, for example an article about the protocol NetSoul, or about the MTA.

PS: Dear reader, excuses me for my poor English but I am still at the Secondary school in Paris and English is difficult language to learn !

Plans for the future

  • Continue to spread the spirit Ubuntu to a maximum of people around me (family, friends, teachers) and at all the free events that I participate.
  • Continue to distribute Ubuntu CD to anyone who wants and make some "advertising" in all locations and all occasions about Ubuntu and Open-Source Software.
  • Continue to teach in my high school on Ubuntu and OpenOffice.

  • Continue my active involvement in Ubuntu-fr by organizing Ubuntu Party, being present at events of great importance as Solution Linux and help people on IRC.
  • Continue to translate Ubuntu in French, and if possible, have better marks in school in this subject Smile :)


  • ~fneyret [04/03/2009]: Louis was a good helper in all the Ubuntu Parties I've done with him. He does many installation and help me to manage the record of the different conferences.

  • ~olivefr [07/04/2009]: Louis helps to ubuntu-parties of Paris since 2006, but he is a valuable aid in many others events where ubuntu-FR is.

  • YourName [day/month/year] : Place your testimonial about me here. I would be grateful.

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