1. About Me

I have been using Ubuntu for past few months. I started with Fedora and switched to Ubuntu since Hardy. I have joined Ubuntu Forums as a member since March 2009. Initially I had joined to find the solutions of some problems I was facing with Ubuntu and then gradually started to contribute by posting in threads.

I have recently joined Beginners Team as a padawan and intend to join the team as a member in near future.

Ubuntu Ubuntu Forums : _Purple_

Ubuntu Launchpad : TuxPurple

Ubuntu IRC : TuxPurple on irc.freenode.net

2. Participation

2.1. Ubuntu Forums

I try to help in Ubuntu Forums by replying to the posts based on my knowledge. As I have been using Ubuntu only for few months, mostly I tend to post in the Absolute Beginners and General Forums and sometimes in the Programming Talk.

2.2. IRC

I frequent some IRC channels. Being active in IRC gives me the chance to learn more. I also try to help people according to my ability. You can find me in the following channels:

Ubuntu #ubuntuforums-beginners

Ubuntu #ubuntuforums

Ubuntu ##beginners-help

3. Future Hopes

I look forward to joining Beginners Team as member. I am planning to join some Focus Groups to be more active in Ubuntu Community. I have signed the CoC of Ubuntero and I intend to go for Ubuntu membership someday.

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